Scottish Deerhound

Scottish Deerhound
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Scottish Deerhound

Weight: male: 85-110, female: 75-95 lbs

Height: male: 30-32, female: at least 28 inches

Color(s): All shades of gray and gray brindle, with dark blue-gray preferred

Character: Quiet, loving, devoted and loyal, this loveable breed will surely steal the hearts of everyone he meets. Courageous yet friendly, this dog does well in a home environment with children. Slow learning however, this breed requires consistent training methods.

Temperament: The Scottish Deerhound is a large breed that does exceptionally well with other animals and even small children. Tolerable and quiet, this breed makes an excellent child's companion. Socialization as a pup is required for any breed however. Does not do well with smaller animals.

Care: The Wiry coat of the Scottish Deerhound should be brushed occasionally to keep shedding to a minimum. Generally an average shedding breed. Dead hairs should be plucked by professional groomer, as well as trimming. The Scottish Deerhound is overall somewhat easy to care for.

Training: A slow learner, the Scottish Deerhound does not do well in obedience. This breed is easy to housetrain, yet difficult in obedience training. It is recommended that obedience classes be started as a pup to prevent later issues.

Activity: Great for jogs; Scottish Deerhounds require a lot of exercise. Does well in a home environment, but should be exercised daily and does best with at least a large yard. This breed loves to run, and makes an excellent running or jogging partner.